Tuesday, August 25, 2015

This too shall pass

Eyes are a gateway to soul. When i was bidding goodbye to my grandpa after one of my home trips in Jan, i saw something in his eyes which scared me even though everything looked so normal in the complete trip. His eyes communicated a departure. Though always some one who didn't speak much, he had slowed down talking even further. In my next trip in May, I was visiting home because he was quite serious and was admitted in the hospital. I remember seeing him with all those big tubes attached to him and still could see the gleam in his eyes when i saw him lying in his hospital bed. Am sure it was the same gleam when he must have seen me as his 1st newly born grandchild. Two days later he passed away when I was holding his hands. It was the last time his eyes had communicated something to me. They looked scared and sad and then a sudden silence and peace. A big era of values and mannerism had come to an end. 

A human brain can't think what happens beyond death how much ever one tries to think about it. It doesn't remember what happens before birth. That's how we are programmed to be, to keep forgetting that we are using up the limited moments we have in our so called life which comprises the consciousness. We tend to neglect such an important truth which forms life. A truth which wins hands down over life and makes it appear so small. I think the pain before and peace after death sums it all.