Sunday, September 20, 2015

Evolution of The Sunday

Sunday is a species of its own kind. And how it has evolved for me. The good old days, when I awaited the Sunday Newspapers! Though thinking of those times, when in grade 5, how I actually read Times of India's Sunday Times, first thing in morning and how they have shaped my thinking can give good chills to the people around me, given the fact that the newspapers these days have themselves not evolved as per Darwin's famous stated rule. 

However, those were the golden eras of Sundays, and like childhood they too passed, as they soon turned into the savior days, when I would cover my maximum exam syllabus, as I was soon developing traits to be a successful engineer, leaving things to the last moment. 

Then came college / work and Sunday morning was the second best thing after a Friday evening. Thanks to the 2 day weekend idea of the noble souls who have given this biggest blessing to the current human kind. However, courtesy the MBA keeda! TIME and IMS Mock tests became my best Sunday friends! From running to the deserted test center in the Lakshmangarh, after having the hostel's yumm rajasthan special Sunday Idly, whose taste still gives me some serious nostalgia moments (and no Sarcasm Intended) to the no-food, run to test center Sundays during work, the Sundays finally took me to the B - School, where Sundays just disappeared for 2 years.

And let's not even get to the Sundays after MBA. As a responsible adult, they have been dedicated to the family, in some ways and other. Coming down to today, am really happy how Sundays have evolved, as I sit down to blog on My Galaxy, as it enters to the 9th year of its amazing existence in my life with this post :) Some consistent things in life do make you realize, it's all worth it and does make sense.

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